• Connector.Connector.

    Not just a pretty picture: The images in our introduction video are a special kind of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) called tractography. The images are created using magnetized hydrogen atoms that are assigned a color depending on orientation. The different colors represent ‘white matter tracts’ connecting various parts of the brain. One of the many uses of MRI tractography is for surgical planning to avoid damage to important pathways. We believe MRI tractography conveys the synapse of machine learning applied to the modeling of complex bio-systems that exists in our technology.

Founded and developed under the guidance of practicing radiologists, we offer cutting edge solutions to problems encountered in everyday practice; focused on knowledge and image sharing, storage and retrieval.

ReadBack’s proprietary technologies are redefining radiology through practical applications and hardware that increase productivity while reducing costs; with machine learning, distributed computing and legacy system modernization at its core.

We have a unique perspective on the role of Imaging in the rapidly changing healthcare environment and develop our technology to meet each individual need.

Designed and Developed
by Radiologists

We know the pain.

Being designed by practicing radiologists gives us a unique insight into the disconnect between current system design and real world needs-based usage.

Our technology is designed primarily for high volume multidisciplinary radiologists with application extensions and customizations available for our specialized academic colleagues.
  • Secure platform for Knowledge Sharing.
  • Helping to maximize the balance between Productivity and Patient Care.
  • Decrease cost of Redundant Imaging  
  • Enhanced Worklist Management.
  • Touchscreen enhanced Tool Management:
    • Less pointing and clicking.
    • Measurements.
    • Labeling.
    • Image manipulations.
    • Brightness.
    • “Star Trek-like” Intuitive Interface controls nearly any PACS or Image Viewing application.
  • Detailed Hanging Protocol Macros:
    • Easy Customization.
    • Follows between Workstations.
  • Simple Portable Media Archiving:
    • Efficient Importation.
    • Less Ancillary Staff.
  • Instant access to Relevant Prior Studies and Image Sharing:
    • Intelligent Patient Image History Search.
  • Customizable and Standard Reporting.
  • Decrease in Liability and Improved Patient Care:
    • Documented Curbside Consultations.
    • Decreased Radiation Exposure.
    • Decreased Communication Errors.
  • Medical Image Sharing (MIS):
    • Security Certified Distributed Computing Data Center.
      • Direct Connect / zeroCloud™ or Cloud availability.
  • Merit Based Incentive Payment System centric design:
    • With ears and eyes on future Interoperability and Meaningful Use deprecation.
    • MACRA Incentives.
    • Value Based Payment Modifier (VBPM).

Patient Care First

Improving The Outcome ↑
Providing the most secure and personal radiologic care while decreasing costs, exposure, diagnostic turnaround times, radiation exposure and increasing patient well being.
  • Lowered Rates of Misdiagnosis and Miscommunication Errors.
  • Decreased Radiation Exposure.
  • Efficient Image and Knowledge Sharing between Providers.
  • Decreased Turnaround time for documented Second Opinions.
  • Customizable Patient Portal Access to Personal Images.
Our System Infrastructure
Our Guts & Glory.
We have the brightest in the field of Computer Science; Artificial Intelligence Engine running within multidisciplinary Distributed Computing Data Center(s) and capable of quickly spinning off unique Private Servers and Data Stores OR apply Traditional Cloud Based systems to meet individual requirements and needs.
  • Machine Guided and Learned Artificial Intelligence:
    • Data and Image Acquisition / Importation.
    • Intelligent Image Search Algorithms and History Presentation.
  • Infinitely Scalable and Lightspeed Image and Data Retrieval.
  • Fastest and Most Secure in Database Technologies:
    • Best case SQL, NoSQL and Hadoop practices.
  • 100% End-to-End Fault Tolerant System Design:
    • Multi-location Data Centers:
      • Custom Server Architecture and Design utilizing GPU Processing.
      • Network / Telecom Failover.
  • Legacy System Retrofitting:
    • Keep existing PACS.
    • Adds Touchscreen “Star Trek-like” User Interface Controls to any PACS or Image Viewer.
  • Intelligent Sorting Algorithms.
  • Availability of Advanced Informatics.
  • Customizable and Standard Reporting.
  • Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) and Interoperability.
  • Medical Image Sharing (MIS).
  • Knowledge Sharing.

Administrative Plusses
The Business of Imaging.
Profoundly increase productivity and patient outcome while decreasing overhead and liability.
  • Reduces IT Staff / Cuts IT Overhead.
  • Reduces Liability.
  • Reduced Downtime.
  • Reducing Equipment Upgrades:
    • Side-by-side ‘tandem’ upgrade path:
      • Replaces Server Side Image Calls.
    • Touchscreen Intuitive User Interface:
      • Increases older hardware and software (i.e. PACS) life expectancies and nullifies replacement costs.
      • Reduces Repetitive Movements and Manual Errors.
      • Personalized Settings follows users.
  • Reduces Communication Errors.
  • Reduces costs associated to Curbside Evaluations and Increases chance for Reimbursements.
  • Increased record / image security, system failure redundancy.
  • Reduces Redundant Imaging.
  • Complete Data Analytics and Informatics.
  • Assists with Value Based Care and MACRA Incentives.
  • Reduces Patient Radiation Exposure.
  • Simple Portable Media Archiving:
    • Efficient Importation.
    • Less Ancillary Staff.
  • Customizable Administrative Statistics and Reporting.
  • Discounted Tele-Radiology services for New ClientsDouble Boarded, Fellowship Trained Radiologist.
  • Securest and most Redundant forms of offsite Image Storage & Retrieval:
    • Private Servers, Direct Connections and Data Stores OR Traditional Cloud Based systems to fit Any Organizational Needs or Requirements.
  • Value Added Preventative Analytics inline with Value Based Care.
  • Provider Incentive Medicare / Medicaid.
  • Better Patient Outcome.
  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Collaborative Connectivity:
    • Knowledge and Case Sharing.
“Machine Learning technology will allow the Radiologist to work more efficiently and produce better quality reports. “R. Nick Bryan, MD, PhD.
Our Audience
We have you covered.
From the largest Healthcare System and it’s wide range of nurses, surgeons and emergency care workers to the smallest clinical practice
  •  Large Healthcare Systems
  • Acquired Care Organizations
  • Medicare / Medicaid
  • Insurance Companies
  • Malpractice Firms
  • Insurance Fraud Agencies (lookup term)
  • Midlevel Providers (Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistants, etc)
  • Individual Clinical Practice with imaging capabilities
    • General & Specialized Practitioners
    • Chiropractors
    • Podiatrist
    • Veterinarian